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Protective face masks to ensure your entire family stays safe from infection

  • Washable & reusable upto 25 times
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency above 96%
  • Eco-friendly, breathable
  • Available in kids’ sizes
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About Supera ShieldTM

As lockdown and restrictions lift, the responsibility lies with each and every one of us to make sure we and our loved ones stay protected while returning to work, school and normalcy. If you’re running a household, your primary concern is the safety of your family and minimising the risk of infection.

SUPERA SHIELDTM will keep your family safe as they face the post-lockdown phase in India. These masks are wash & wear, reusable, easily breathable, treated with fluid repellant, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and silver ion finish - for maximum protection.

Our Collection

Supera ShieldTM comes in a variety of models and colours. Choose the one that fits your needs best.

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Our best-in-class features have been carefully engineered and tested to ensure your protection.

Shweta Reddy

Raintree Hotel St. Marys Road, Chennai

At The Raintree, guest satisfaction and safety are paramount. In these challenging times ,we have redefined our safety protocols and ensure everything is done to keep guests and staff healthy and safe. Amongst other protocols, wearing a mask at all times is a stipulation we comply with totally, especially as employee interaction with guests is high at hotels.
We have been truly satisfied with the SITRA certified Supera Shield masks from Loyal Textiles. The reusable masks are organic and comfortable, especially since our staff wear them for extended periods of time while at work. Designed to be light and comfortable yet protective the masks are extremely effective in keeping our colleagues and guests safe.

N. Ram

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu and Director,The Hindu Publication Group

I have been using the Loyal Textile Mills Group’s SS 96 masks during this pandemic and I find them excellent. (I learn that SS 72 is also very good.) Manufactured to international safety and quality standards, these masks are perfectly safe, comfortable to wear, and very reasonably priced. Breathability, which is very important when you wear the mask for hours, is good. Other important safety features of SS 96 and SS 72 are the water-repellent outer layer and the antibacterial inner layer.

Dr. V. Pugalagiri

MD Vadamalayan Hospital, Madurai

Wonderful three layered Mask , comfortable to wear , can be washed and reused for 25times lastly to say Safety to the core.

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